Marjaavaan HD (2019) Full HD Movie - Download

Marjaavaan HD (2019) Full HD Movie - Download

Marjaavaan is 2019 latest Bollywood Movie produced by Bhushan Kumar.
Marjaavaan is full of action and romance film. It is directed by Milap Zaveri.

Marjaavaan first release date was 2 October 2019 but it got delayed due to some reasons. And finally it got released on 15 Novemer 2019.

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Lead roles playing in Marjaavaan are Sidharth Malhotra and Rakul Preet Singh.
And Reteish Deshmukh is playing in negative role.
Other starring cast is Tara Sutaria.

Marjaavaan Details

Produced By : Bhushan Kumar
Directed By   : Milap Zaveri
Written By     : Milap Zaveri
Starring         : Sidharth Malhotra,
                        Reteish Deshmukh
                        Rakul Preet Singh
                        Tara Sutaria
Music By        : Payal Dev
                        Tanishk Bagchi
                           Meet Bros
Country            : India
Language         : Hindi
Duration           : 2.25 hrs
Released Date : 15 November 2019

Story Of Marjaavaan

A throwback to 80s Bollywood - an era of mindless maar dhaad and heavily rhyming dialogues - Marjaavaan is like those Dharmendra and Mithunda hits we enjoyed in those times (I still do...a few of them!). Only this one has arrived three decades too late. And Sidharth Malhotra is no Dharmendra or Amitabh to be able to pull off any trash on his own...Oh No!!
An orphan gunda (Sid largely ineffective) raised by water tanker mafia Narayan Anna (Nassar) falls for the mute and cute Zoya (Tara Sutaria, smeared with excessive makeup) who always keeps an interpreter by her side so that she can readily translate her sign language to our hero. Wah bai wah!
Marjaavaan Full Movie Download

In a nod to the infamous 80s, Gunda ji can pop out a matchstick from his mouth in most unlikely situation. Rajini Sir taught him a few tricks perhaps!!! He also keeps blabbering his takia kalam "Main maroonga tu mar jaayegaa. Dobara janam lene se darr jaayegaa." Alas, this punchline falls flat in hands of Sid Malhotra. Oh, how I miss the Bachchan of yore!!
As for his mentor anna, the supposedly much dreaded multi millionaire don operates out of top floor of a shabby under- construction building and threatens a cop that he will cut off water supply of suburban Mumbai in case of arrest. "Santacruz cut. Now Yaari road. Thane gaya..." he reveals to the bewildered police while climbing down the staircase. By the time, he reaches the ground floor, the cop sets him free. Unintentionally hilarious scene this. Hee hee!!

This paani wala don also has a vertically challenged (that's the sophisticated phrase for Bauna or Batla or Butka as we, the mango people know it) beta named Vishnu (Riteish Deshmukh) who hates our hero matchstick man as his biological pitaji loves him more. Hmm...Intense this!!
Next, Bauna bhai goes on a rampage, manipulates the situation to turn mentor pappa against Mr. Matchstick and plots to get Zoya dear bumped off by her own love amour. 

Interval time!!
In the second half, the film goes completely out of gear as director Milap Milan Zaveri surrenders to his action choreographer. Nothing really matters or makes sense!!
I guess the success of Milap Zaveri's over the top actioner 'Satyameva Jayate' (2018) was a sorta warning of things to follow. Marjaavaan makes that below average film look like a masterpiece in comparison. Truly, I havent witnessed such atrocious effort on screen after the 80s and early 90s. This is epic trash!

A bad rehash of Prakash Mehra's classic 'Muqaddar Ka Sikandar' (1978), Zaveri gives an unwanted nod to his inspiration through Rakul Preet Singh's character modelled on the eternal diva Rekha. She plays the dilwali courtesan who has the hots for our lawaaris hero. 

Marjaavaan Full Movie Download

The fact that petite (!!) Rakul Preet is eons away from the magic Madam Rekha created onscreen is no surprise. Some classics shouldn't be touched. Yes please!!
Marjaavaan fails even on the tech front. The action scenes appear dated and jaded. The music is just a random assembly of few yesteryear hit songs. And trust me, each one is a third rate remix of the original. Bah!!

Finally, on the only two positives, Nora Fatehi sizzles in the 'Janbaaz' (1986) song redux. Wow! And Ritiesh Deshmukh breathes menace in to his villainous character. The film springs to life whenever he appears on screen. Otherwise, this Marjaavaan is mostly as dead as a dodo.

Reviews Of Marjaavaan


Sidharth malhotra has immense acting prowess which he had proved long back in his first film soty.
He has transcended the level of acting in marjaavan too. He is well-suited in action genre and left no stone unturned in showing what a massy movie incorporates with strong gripping character.
All other  prominent characters Ritesh and tara did justice to their roles. Ritesh will grab your attention as a dwarf quirky character but sid has carried the onus of film on his shoulder proving it in every scene. 

The fights and love story are jaw-droppingly amazing and worth remembering as film has been given a unique turn when the hero had to kill his love.
Never go by the fake paid reviews or else you are going to miss the masala-packed cinema for a weekend. The content and blend of intriguing acting will leave you immersive throughout the movie.
Sidharth malhotra is back in business.


MARJAAVAAN  is a movie that has met above the expectations of the audience in all the sense, right from Drama to Action.
Talking about the acting of the actors, Ritesh Deshmukh and Sidharth Malhotra have nailed it and Rakulpreet Singh and Tara Sutaria are too good in the film. It's a action drama film which has a revenge story attached to it. I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed after watching the film and you won't get bored while watching the film as the plot of story is solid enough and hence it will keep you alive. The songs in the film are Just PHENOMENAL! Even the sound track is at its best. Directory by Milap Zaveri has been successful in attracting the mass towards the story. This film marks the best performance of Sidharth Malhotra till date. Characters are strong and solid.
Because of the characters and the plot this film will hit the box office hard.
Overall the film is at its best.

Ratings: 9.6/10.


Honestly speaking,  the movie keeps you glued from the very first scene till the end.  Narrative is fast paced.  Siddharth Malhotra has grown as an actor.  He is getting more good looking as the years go by.  Ritesh is a surprise packet.  Tara looks beautiful as Zoya.  There was not even one dull moment in the movie.   People laughed, whistled at the so called " ghisse pitte" dialogues and cried at certain scenes. How many times do our hit movies have logical perfection? On the whole I liked this movie far better that the trash that has been coming out recently.  Beautiful music and one can watch it for the song Tum hi Aana. After watching Houseful 4, this came as a great relief.

If that can be declared a hit, this movie is far superior in every aspect. 8/10. Please don't go by the critics...just go for it and you won't be disappointed.

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